1. 1.) carve a bunch of made up symbols on a rock
    2.) leave it somewhere
    3.) you just created the 3142nd century’s greatest archeological mystery

  2. all this in an envelope = a gift for a friend


  3. a guy on the street stopped me and asked “yo man you 21?” and i said “naw” and he said “well… you should be” and i said “i’m trying” and he said “grow up faster ya idiot”


  5. my favorite smiley is :#) he’s blushing. i invented him but i’m a nice dad so you can have him too, we can share him

  6. just had a child in the public domain. feel free to be his parent for as long as you want

  7. happy belated valentine’s day~


  8. middle school me drew a lot of videogame levels in the hopes that older me would know how to make actual games and be able to parse his old designs. yeah… keep trying lil buddy


  9. middle school me had a bit of a persecution complex


  10. in sixth grade i invented a monster called eviloobie


  11. seventh grade. i started drawing this on the back of a worksheet. i was able to draw for thirty seconds before i was surrounded by a pack of every smelly dude in the classroom shouting cleverly coded phrases like “I LOVE THE HEADLIGHTS ON THAT CAR YOU’RE DRAWING!”



  13. do you think this tree is down to have casual sex

  14. a dad before his time


  15. i can’t wait to go back in time and own the shit out of middle school me at a game of mavis beacon teaches typing