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  2. contents of my hard drive


  3. your face when you realized super mario sunshine was full of racial caricatures of italians


  4. wikipicks:

    • 1979–1980 Saddam Hussein makes large donations to a Detroit church and receives a key to the city.

    wikipicks is 200 posts old!

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  5. mickeyalexandermouse said: dude whats your twitter, i indulged your auto tweet thing but your account isn't there

    it was orangejuice_inc but i deactivated it! it might be back within the next couple months but no guarantee. you can add me on facebook if ya want tho, i’m ari there yet


  6. wikipicks:

    A chaos magic ritual that uses videoconferencing.

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  7. there are probably more photos of raw steaks on my hard drive than u.s. law allows

  8. my dad asked me if i wanted to go to christian summer camp. he said, “there’s nothing like breaking in a good christian girl!” :/


  9. im gonna sit my nude ass down on the american flag and there’s nothing obana can do to stop me

  10. i’m gonna have so much sex when i’m 69

  11. get up
    stand up
    stand up for your drank

  12. hickies shouldn’t be taboo they should be worn with pride like gold metals. you did it! you won! when people see your hickies they should say “congratulations” and “i knew you would do it” and throw confetti around you

  13. my mom does this thing where she walks into my room uninvited and starts picking things up and re-arranging them. to combat this i’m going to start hiding condoms under everything until she’s afraid to pick anything up ever again

  14. flea market bits!


  15. areyouexcitedforthenewflorida:

    flo rida and his many undead lovers